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See 2013 slot

1. Automotive Technology
Sheldon Williamson – Chair
2. Building Automation, Control and Management
Jan Haase - Chair
Web page: http://ieee-ies.org/tc/bacm/
3. Control, Robotics and Mechatronics
Peter Korondi- Chair
Web page: http://dfs.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/iestc/
4. Data Driven Control and Monitoring
Shen Yin – Chair
5. Education in Engineering and Industrial Technologies
Joao Martins - Chair
Web page: http://eeit.ieee-ies.org
6. Electrical Machines
Andrea Cavagnino - Chair
Web page: http://www.uta.edu/pecm/ies/
7. Electronic Systems on Chip (ESOC)
Marc Perron - Chair
Web page: http://ieee-ies.org/tc/esoc/
8. Energy Storage
Mo Yuen Chow – Chair
Web page: http://umji.sjtu.edu.cn/personal/chbma/ieeetces/
9. Factory Automation
Lucia Lo Bello - Chair
Web page: http://www.iestcfa.org/
10. Human Factors
Kang Hyun Jo - Chair
Web page: http://www.ieee-tc-hf.org/
11. Industrial Agents
Paulo Leitao - Chair
Web page: http://tcia.ieee-ies.org/
12. Industrial Informatics
Elizabeth Chang - Chair
Web page: http://tc-ii.ieee-ies.org
13. MEMS & Nanotechnologies
Stoyan Nihtianov - Chair
Web page: http://tc.ieee-ies.org/tc/mems
14. Motion Control
Roberto Oboe - Chair
Web page: http://mechatro.elcom.nitech.ac.jp/ieee-ies-tcmc/
15. Network-based Control Systems and Applications
Qing-Long Han - Chair
Web page: http://nbcs.ieee-ies.org/
16. Power Electronics Technical Committee (PETC)
Chandan Chakraborty - Chair
Web page: http://conf05.iitkgp.ac.in/pes/
17. Renewable Energy Systems
Giovanni Spagnuolo - Chair
Web page: http://res.ieee-ies.org/
18. Resilience and Security for Industrial Applications (ReSia)
Milos Manic – Chair
Web page: http://resia.ieee-ies.org/
19. Sensors and Actuators
Toshiyuki Murakami - Chair
Web page: http://www.fujilab.dnj.ynu.ac.jp/TC-SA/
20. Smart Grids
Marcelo Simoes – Chair
Web page: https://sites.google.com/site/ieeeiestconsmartgrids/home
21. Standards
Victor Huang, Better World - Chair
Web page: Standards Committee

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