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The Industrial Electronics Society through its members encompasses a diverse range of technical activities devoted to the application of electronics and electrical sciences for the enhancement of industrial and manufacturing processes. These technical activities address the latest developments in intelligent and computer control systems, robotics, factory communications and automation, flexible manufacturing, data acquisition and signal processing, vision systems, and power electronics. The Society continually updates its program of technical activities to meet the needs of modern industry. More...

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IEM receives Award of Excellence at the 2014 STC International Summit Awards   

IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine has received an Award of Excellence from the Society for Technical Communication (STC) at the 2014 STC International Summit Awards (ISA). An entry that wins an Award of Excellence at STC'S ISA consistently meets high standards in all areas and demonstrates an exceptional understanding of technical communication principles. IEM qualified for submission to STC's ISA competition by winning an Award of Excellence at the STC's New York Metro, Philadelphia Metro, & Houston Chapters' competition, where each entry is judged against criteria that measure the degree of technical content, achievement of purpose, and technical execution. STC has a history over 60 years, with over 6,000 members across more than 50 countries (www.stc.org).

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Call for IES Nominations

IES N&A Committee is seeking nominations for IES Officers, IES AdCom Member-at-Large, IES Senior AdCom Members and IES Life AdCom Members. View the official announcement here.
Update from Oct. 6, 2014:

IES AdCom elections in Dallas, TX
As announced in July 2014, the IES N&A Committee has solicited nominations for the annual elections. May I recall you positions which have been opened:
- IEEE IES 2015-2016 Vice President, Publications (two-year commitment)
- IEEE IES 2015-2016 Vice President, Membership Activities (two-year commitment)
- IEEE IES 2015-2016 Vice President Workshops Activities (two-year commitment)
- IEEE IES 2015-2016 Treasurer (two-year commitment)
- IEEE IES 2015-2017 Member-at-Large (three-year commitment): minimum of 7 positions available

The slate of nominees is joined herewith (link). The elections will be organized during the IES AdCom meeting on November 2, 2014 in Dallas, TX just before the lunch.

Any IES member at the time of elections not being on the slate and willing to petition (for member-at-large or officer positions) can do so by collecting the endorsement of at least 16 AdCom members in good standing (among 69 voting members with voting rights). The list of voting AdCom members (Officers, Junior and Senior Past-Presidents, members-at-large, Technical Committee Chairs, Senior AdCom Members, Life AdCom Members with voting rights) is available at the IES website http://ieee-ies.org.

The deadline to return the petition endorsed by AdCom members and the bio form (to be downloaded) mentioning the position for which the petitioner candidates, has been set to October 23, 2014 (documents in PDF to be sent to the N&A Committee Chair: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). The validity of all petitions will be verified by the N&A Committee before adding petitioners in the slate which will be published in the IES website 4 days before the elections.

May I recall you that it is up to the candidate to campaign (for simple ethics reasons) and that he/she can write a statement which can be transferred to AdCom voting members by our Secretary ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) before elections.

Gérard-André Capolino, IES Junior Past-President Chair, IES Nominations & Appointments Committee
Download bio form (.docx, .pdf)

Update from Sep. 18, 2014:

Important message from N&A Committee Chair, Gérard-André Capolino (Sep.18, 2014): The publication of the slates of nominees for opened positions has been postponed to October 5, 2014 (midnight US Eastern time). Those positions are:
- IEEE IES 2015-2016 Treasurer (two-year commitment)
- IEEE IES 2015-2016 Vice President, Publications (two-year commitment)
- IEEE IES 2015-2016 Vice President, Membership Activities (two-year commitment)
- IEEE IES 2015-2016 Vice President Workshops Activities (two-year commitment)
- IEEE IES 2015-2017 Member-at-Large (three-year commitment): minimum of 7 positions available

New IEEE Fellow on-line system

The task of nominating a Senior Member for Fellow grade got easier  with the new Fellow On-line System. Multiple upgrades were  incorporated, but three main enhancements will please nominators.  After a nominator logs in the system, the first requirement will be to  input the nominee's member number. Entering this information will  immediately let the nominator know if the nominee meets the  requirements of being an active IEEE Senior or Life Senior Member and  if the nominee has been a member in good standing for five years or  more. If a nominee is ineligible, the system will prevent the  nominator from filling out the entire form and avoid any unnecessary  time.
Another new feature that's required is inputting the member number of  the references. The nomination must include at least five, but no more  than eight references who are IEEE Fellows. Entering this information  will immediately inform the nominator, if a reference is eligible or  not.
The best feature is allowing nominators the capability to make changes  to main text, update e-mail addresses, add and delete reference and  endorsement names, and to delete nominations they prepared out of the  system up to the 1 March deadline. Providing nominators this kind of  flexibility will give them the opportunity to prepare a better  nomination.
After the deadline has been reached, the system will authenticate all  the data and verify that each nomination package is complete. As soon  as this process is finished, a confirmation will be sent to the  nominator letting them know whether the nomination will or will not be  considered.
The system is now open and ready to accept nominations for the class  of 2016. Starting the process early will alleviate last minute issues.  You can visit the Fellow Web Site at http://www.ieee.org/fellows, then click  "Online Nomination Form" to begin. here.

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Special new release from IES Standards Committee!

The Standards TC is organizing a IEEE PAR Standards Development Working Group (WG) meeting at the I2MTC 2014 conference in Montevideo, Uruguay this May.  This is in co-sponsorship with the I&MS society.

To all Members of IES, ADCOM, and TC Chairs,

Please take a minute to browse through the updated IES STANDARDS website under the "About" tag. Place your pointer on the "About tag' and click on the "Standards" label on the drop down list.
You will see new information of the IES Standards and all the new activities available for IES members in Standards activities.
In particular, IES is co-sponsoring a very interesting proposal in Signal Processing as part of the IEEE 1451 Standards. Please see P21451-001 Working Group (WG) activities for Recommended Practices for Signal Treatment Applied to Smart Sensors
We also encourage more members to participate in the Standards activities either through your own TC or with us. I also encourage all TC Chairs to review this web page, contact me to see how we can together push through new standards for IES.

Victor Huang

IES Standards Chair,
IES Standards Representative to IEEE-SA

IES launches IE Technology News

ITeN is the new, online publication of the Industrial Electronics Society. It will focus on practitioners perspective, showcasing some of the 
most important advances presented in IES conferences and publications. Enter ITeN here.

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Stay with the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

Dear Colleague,

The IEEE Industrial Electronics Society membership is a valuable tool in your career that allows you to network with colleagues.

All members of IES in 2014 will receive a print subscription to the IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, and in addition:
- Online access to IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
- Online access to IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
- Discounted fees for all IES-sponsored conferences
- Conference travel grants for student members
- Opportunities to participate in 21 Technical Committees
- Access to a vast professional network of 53 chapters and members in 106 countries.

Stay with IES for 2014 and beyond. If you have already renewed your membership for 2014, thank you. If you're not a member yet, please join at:

http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/join/index.html or renew now at:

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The IEEE policy regarding posting papers on personal web sites

The IEEE has a new policy regarding posting of papers on personal web sites. You can read more about it here http://www.ieee.org/documents/authorversionfaq.pdf.

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IES Sister Societies

Find more details regarding IES Sister Societies here.

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AdCom Meetings

The next meetings are scheduled for:

  • AdCom2 2014: Nov. 2, in conjunction with with IECON 2014, Dallas, Texas, USA
    • The 2nd IES AdCom meeting will be held on Sunday, November the 2nd 2014, from 8 am till 3 pm.
    • Meeting location: (IECON 2014 venue hotel) Sheraton Dallas Hotel, 400 N. Olive Street, Dallas, Texas 75201, USA
  • Officers' Meeting 2015: March 20, in conjunction with ICIT 2015 in Sevilla, Spain
  • AdCom1 2015: June 6, in conjunction with ISIE 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • AdCom2 2015: Nov.13, in conjunction with IECON 2015, Yokohama, Japan
  • Officers' Meeting 2016: Doha, Qatar, date to be defined

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